Be Warned About Internet Dating

Be Warned About Internet Dating

I hear people talking about internet dating all the time. I have a large number of friends and co-workers that are obsessed with finding the right person online. It has almost become comical to me the way a person will go home after work at night and spend their entire evening looking for someone to love online when they live in a city full of great people. Isn’t it a bit ironic to stay out of society in order to find the right person in society to spend your life with?

I’ll admit, I do know people that have met through internet dating that are now enjoying amazing marriages, but I’d like to suggest that the success rates are far less than we’d like to believe. Most people that look to internet dating as their only source of hope are still looking weeks, months and often years later for that special someone. You and I both know that life is far too short to be spent online wishing and hoping that your perfect match will somehow sign up for the same internet dating service that you have signed up for.

My desire is simply to warn anyone who feels like jumping into the internet dating scene and signing up. At least take some time to really ask yourself why internet dating seems to be your only option right now. If you are too busy to meet people, then do you really think you’ll have time to build and maintain an online dating relationship? That is doubtful I think. Or if you’re afraid to get out and meet strangers, then is it really a good solution to jump online and meet strangers? I didn’t think so. It is vital that you know your reasons and your goals for internet dating before you begin the process.

If you have checked your goals and motivations and still feel like you want to head in the direction of internet dating, then do it with caution. Be aware that not everyone online has the same integrity or the same intentions. So be careful about who you are meeting and about what you’re expectations are in the process. Don’t make any rash decisions and decide to fly around the world to meet someone that you haven’t even seen a photo of online. Just be wise, go slowly, and be yourself! One of the biggest problems with internet dating is that people are able to hide online and never have to fully be themselves.

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